Positioning and Welding Equipment

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Positioners are designed to orient the workpiece at an optimum position for down-hand welding for the operator or welding head. The workpiece is mounted on the positioner table which can then be rotated and tilted to manipulate the workpiece into the required position.

The use of a welding positioner enables the operator to manipulate his own workpiece unassisted, provides accurate and consistent rotation speeds for high quality welds and optimum deposition rates, saves time wasted by cranes, reduces accident hazards, speeds up work, and increases output through greater efficiency leading to a reduction in welding costs.

Positioners are available in capacities from 100kg to 200 metric tons. Configurations vary from fixed base, manually adjustable elevation to hydraulic powered elevation (depending on model). Slotted tables allows for mounting of fixturing or workholding devices such as Gripper Chucks.

Gripper Chucks

Workholding device grippers, chucks and bucking rings are just a few of the many machine accessories produced by Har-Bach Positioning. Custom tooling and fixturing accessories continue to be a major part of our business.


Har-Bach Positioning sells and services self-centering or independent two, three and four jaw chucks and grippers.